2013: Foundation of IKS - Italian Kit Sport

IKS - Italian Kit Sportwas founded in 2013. It is present in the market of the production of sportswear, acquiring the equipment of a company already specialized in the production of Sublimated Sport's Kits. Already in 2014, the same equipment is completely renovated, quadrupled and enhanced with further technological innovations.

We use Plotter Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh with absolutely original inks, certified, guaranteed, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The production is 100% Made in Italy, the entire production chain is controlled and managed with certain procedures and very strict rules. High quality is guaranteed by controls on each individual garment at all stages of processing.

IKS - Italian Kit Sport, uses only high quality fabrics and tested, checked and certified Oeko Tex 100. The research and development department is daily committed to ensuring a product that is always innovative and in step with the times. We deal directly with the cutting of the models inside our headquarters thanks to our 20-meter semi automatic drafting table.

2018: Brand Evolution

In 2018 we are the first company in Italy to buy a laser cutting table with an automatic “Vision Cut” system.
This system guarantees an amazing precision in the cut and allows to speed up the operations at the extreme. Thanks to this innovation, our production has grown exponentially.

For the sublimation process, we avoid stressing the fabrics in hot presses, but, we use Calenders for Professional Sublimation, which guarantee high quality results both in terms of color rendering and sealing on the fabric.

The tailoring is top quality; we are in the geographical area which is located the most important textile center of Italy (together with Prato district). Modelers and specialized Tailors finalize our garments and guarantee a result "Fashion Style" of the product.

Over the years, we have specialized as "Service" producing for very important Italian brands. Our products are worn by numerous teams, from the Top series to the Youth of all major sports: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Swimming, Water Polo...

Our Team is the result of Passion, before Work

We grew up playing sports:

  • With friends on the street

  • To the courts

  • In the youth sectors of sports clubs

  • In competitive championships of every level

We have matured, thanks to sport:

  • We train

  • We work in this area

  • We study how to improve performance

  • We produce Sports Material

Why is IKS born?

Italian Kit Sport was created to encourage all entrepreneurs and sports companies to purchase 100% Made in Italy material with high quality fabrics and prints.

Whether it is IKS-Brand or NO-Brand material, the ultimate goal is to achieve an unparalleled quality supply compared to the usual one, lowering its costs.

How do we do it? Find out by contacting us or browsing our site.


Italian Kit Sport aims to revive the production of sportswear 100% Made in Italy and give quality a value recognized, real and perceived by the consumer. Generate unique products, certified and from a certain origin.


Be reliable in everything, above the product and its characteristics.
Inspire Trust and continue to work hard until our customers are fully satisfied.
Do not make Made in Italy just a slogan but transfer history, traditions, culture and experience, at the service of a 100% local production not obscured by "eastern winds".
Give sportsmen, professionals and amateurs, an amazing product.
Respect rules and laws in an ethical and professional way to improve us and to improve the sports life of others.
To love sport, to love our work, to love craftsmanship.


Large Scale Distribution.
Brand and No-Brand production.
Customer Care Service.


Personalization of Each Item.
Personalized Graphic Assistance.
Over 3000 Models to inspire you.


Own Production.
Single Item Reordering in 5 Working Days.
Guaranteed Delivery Within Agreed Times.

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